Pacific Power offers support for Umatilla County communities affected by flooding

February 11, 2020

With flood waters receding, the damage to the Umatilla County community is even more clear. Homes and businesses have been damaged and some lost forever. Pacific Power wants to help local residents get back on their feet and has donated $5,000 to the Community Action Program of East Central Oregon (CAPECO) to help the community recover and stay safe.

“By donating to CAPECO, we are partnering with a great organization that will get funds wherever they are needed to help in the recovery effort,” said Lori Wyman, regional business manager. “We are also working with the county, cities and tribal authorities directly to restore electric service to areas as road are repaired and that becomes possible.”

For the many residents returning to flood-damaged home and businesses, Pacific Power offers these tips:

  • Flooded homes and basements can be dangerous: NEVER go into a flooded home or basement unless you are certain the electricity is shut off. If you are unsure whether the power is on or off, call Pacific Power or a professional electrician.
  • If your home was flooded and you do not have sufficient knowledge of electrical wiring and appliances, call a professional electrician. Do not turn on any lights or appliances until an electrician has checked your home for short circuits in appliances, wiring or other electrical equipment.
  • Breakers and fuses: Before resetting breakers or replacing blown fuses, unplug electric appliances if you can do so without standing in water or on a wet surface. Do not check fuses or circuit breakers or operate any electric appliance while standing in water or on a wet surface. Cut off power at the breaker box only if you can do it safely and without standing in water.
  • Do not turn on your own service: If your property sustained damage during the event, before service can be restored, an inspection may be required by city, county or state inspectors or professional electricians or plumbers.
  • To have your service restored after repair and inspection, call Pacific Power at 1-888-221-7070. Assistance is available 24 hours every day.