Pacific Power crews and contractors continue essential work

April 23, 2020

PORTLAND, Ore. — Practicing social distancing and wearing personal protective gear, Pacific Power field crews and contractors are at work maintaining and protecting the electric grid throughout the Pacific Northwest to serve our customers.

To accommodate customers during this time, routine maintenance schedules have been modified to minimize any work that could cause large service interruptions. Field employees and contractors are also clearing trees and plants away from poles and lines as part of the utility’s ongoing wildfire safety plan. Often this work is on or near customer property and could require conversations with customers. While routine in normal times, these contacts are sometimes challenging now as customers are concerned about unknown persons working close to their homes.

If there are ever any questions or concerns about utility-related work happening in your area, please call Pacific Power at (888) 221-7070 to confirm that the work is authorized. Crews and contractors working for Pacific Power should be wearing appropriate safety gear, show identification when asked and typically be driving easily identified vehicles. Providing safe and unobstructed access to company equipment such as poles, wires and meters is required for receiving electric service from Pacific Power.

“It is unfortunate, but there have been instances in the last few weeks where property owners have threatened employees and contractors working for Pacific Power,” said David Lucas, vice president of operations. “We understand the increased concern many are feeling due to these uncertain times, but the work we are doing is essential to maintaining local power systems. We would not be there if that wasn’t the case. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about the individuals working on or near your property.”

During inspections, facility inspectors and vegetation crews examine miles of lines each day to determine where potential maintenance and trimming is required. Therefore, we may not be able to notify customers when some of this work takes place.

For questions or concerns, our customer service professionals are here to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us toll free at (888) 221-7070.