Rising temps prompt preparation

MEDFORD Ore. — With the season’s first significant heat wave crashing into southern Oregon this week, Pacific Power wants to remind customers how to beat the heat and use less energy.

  • Get some fresh air. Open your windows during the early morning and evening and use fans to circulate the fresh air.
  • Keep clear of the sun. Close blinds and drapes during the warmest parts of the day. Keeping the sunlight out of your home will keep it cooler.
  • Be AC savvy. Set your air conditioner to 78 degrees when you’re home, and 85 when you’re away. Running your AC at temperatures lower than 78 degrees can increase your electricity bill by up to 8 percent. Also, keep inside air vents clear from furniture and other objects. Make sure the outside unit is free of obstructions.
  • Reduce indoor heat. Push the use of heat-producing appliances such as ovens, dishwashers and clothes dryers to cooler parts of the day. Grilling outside, washing dishes by hand and air-drying clothes are great alternatives.
  • Be safe. With sweltering temperatures, you need to protect yourself. Drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Also check on any neighbors who may have limited contact with others and may need a fan or other assistance. 
  • If you are concerned about your power bill, we have resources to help. You can apply for funds to pay past-due bills through our Assistance Plus program or we can set up a flexible payment plan. Call us any time at 1-888-221-7070.