Washington regulatory filings

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony and selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission for approval can be found in this section. Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

  • Docket UE 180778 Pacific Power & Light Company's Petition for an Order Authorizing a Change in Depreciation Rates Applicable to Electric Property
  • Advice 19 06 Rule 7 - General Rules and Regulations - Basis of Rates
  • Advice 19 05 Schedule 97—Power Cost Adjustment Mechanism Adjustment
  • Advice 19 04 Schedule 98—Adjustment Associated with the Pacific Northwest Electric Power Planning and Conservation Act
  • Docket UE 190666 Revises Tariff WN U-75 to provide revised tariffs that include estimated avoided cost pricing in compliance with the new requirements set forth in the rules. Included are the proposed Schedule QF which will replace Schedule 37 in its entirety.