Smart meter installation

Installation is a relatively quick process during which we’ll:

  1. Remove the existing meter,
  2. Install the new smart meter,
  3. Restore service, and
  4. Verify that your new meter is working properly.

See the map below. 


Installation map

We are upgrading meters throughout 2019 and will update the map below to show our progress. 

Installation process

Here’s what you can expect during the installation process.

  1. We will send you a postcard letting you know that smart meters will be coming to your area soon.
  2. We will send you a letter with detailed information about the process and what to expect a few weeks before your area’s installation window.
  3. We will make a reminder call a few days before installation.
  4. We will knock on your door to let you know we are on-site. Our authorized installer, Aclara, will arrive between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Installers will drive vehicles and carry badges that identify them as an authorized contractor of Pacific Power. Unless your electric meter is inside, they will not need to enter your home.
  5. We will perform the installation. This process will cause a less than five-minute power outage. We will remove the old meter, install the new meter, restore service and verify the new meter is working properly.
  6. We will leave a door hanger. The door hanger will let you know we’ve been on your property and successfully installed the new smart meter.

Once installation is complete, we will manually read your meter for one month to confirm the new meter is working properly. After that, your meter reading will occur digitally and you’ll be able to view your usage online.

What if we can’t install the meter at that time?

If for some reason we are unable to complete the installation of the new meter, we will leave a separate door hanger notifying you of our attempt and providing information on next steps. To schedule a new installation time, please call our authorized installer, Aclara, at 1-866-353-9002.

Get the most out of your smart meter

Once we’ve completed all of the work in your area, you’ll be able to sign in to your online account to view your hourly energy usage, access your billing forecast, set up alerts and more.



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