EV charging station technical assistance

Interested in installing electric vehicle chargers but not sure how? We can help you evaluate your options and costs with an on-site feasibility analysis.

This service is offered through our partner, C2 Group, at no cost to customers. All non-residential customers are eligible to apply for technical assistance.

Here are some example projects:

  • Workplace charging
  • Multifamily properties
  • Municipal locations
  • New construction

C2 Group will coordinate and schedule a site visit to your property to perform analysis of EVSE technology options, costs, rates, and best practices for siting, configuring, installing and managing equipment.

When complete, you will receive a customized report to help understand options to get your equipment installed.

Steps and timeline

Step 1: Submit application
We will verify your eligibility and contact you via phone within 10 business days to discuss your site's EV charging needs and schedule your in-person site assessment.
Step 2: Site visit We will assess and collect information about your site, including existing features and equipment.
Step 3: Technical assistance report The report includes an electricity utilization assessment, equipment assessment, site design assessment, preliminary site layout plan and preliminary project installation cost estimate.

To help pay for your project, consider applying for our grant funding program