Pacific Power continues to monitor wind conditions, anticipates shut offs later today

PORTLAND, Ore. — Pacific Power continues to monitor the weather system closely. As of 9:30 a.m. Friday, September 9, early forecasted easterly winds near the Cascades and foothills are beginning to develop in the company’s service area. The weather forecast for high easterly winds is still Friday through Saturday. As the weather system progresses throughout the day, the company is still anticipating Public Safety Power Shutoffs for specific communities and will provide advance notification to affected customers when possible before turning off power. 

  • Douglas County: Monitoring / Watch
  • Linn County: Monitoring / Watch
  • Marion County: Monitoring / Watch 
  • Lincoln County: Monitoring / Watch
  • Tillamook County: Monitoring / Watch 
  • Polk County: Monitoring / Watch

Map of Public Safety Power Shutoff areas:

Temporary Community Resource Centers are available and will remain open Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m. (unless service is restored earlier) at the following locations. 

  • Douglas County – Glide High School – 18990 N. Umpqua Highway, Glide, OR 97443
  • Marion County – Bethel Baptist Church – 645 Cleveland Street, Aumsville, OR 97325
  • Linn County – Sankey Park – 877 14th Ave, Sweet Home, OR 97386

For all non-emergency questions about the Public Safety Power Shutoff, customers and the public should call Pacific Power at 1-888-221-7070.

Outage Preparedness and Service Restoration

Pacific Power is bringing in additional personnel and resources to ensure service is restored as quickly and safely as possible once weather conditions allow. Crews will actively patrol lines and remove debris and make repairs if needed. Once that work is complete, Pacific Power will restore service.

Weather-related outages could happen outside of Public Safety Power Shutoff areas. The best time to prepare is now. Check that your outage kit is stocked and ready. Things to include are: 

  • Flashlights or headlamps
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio, fans
  • Extra batteries
  • Car chargers for cell phones and electronic devices
  • Bottled water for people and animals (if you rely on electricity to pump water)
  • Frozen cold packs or water frozen in bags or plastic bottles (keep ready in your freezer)
  • Emergency phone numbers, including Pacific Power Customer Service: 1-888-221-7070

Generator Safety 

Because generators require the storage and combustion of a fuel source, special safety measures are necessary for responsible use:

  • Check with local emergency management for portable generator restrictions during extreme wildfire conditions.
  • Always operate a generator outside at least 20 feet away from your home.
  • Never smoke near a portable generator. Always avoid having open flames near your backup power system.
  • Be sure to run your generator in a place where its exhaust can vent safely. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death.
  • Turn off a gas-powered generator at least 5 minutes before refueling to allow the system to cool and prevent risk of fire.
  • To prevent overheating, use an extension cord that is the right size for your generator. The American Wire Gauge chart can be used to determine the appropriate cord.
  • Avoid running an extension cord in a high-traffic area to minimize tripping hazards.
  • Remember that a portable generator can turn off without notice, particularly if it is over-loaded.
  • If installing a permanent standby generator, be sure to hire a licensed contractor or other qualified professional for installation.

Visit for additional information on Public Safety Power Shutoffs, outage preparedness and wildfire safety. 


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