Understanding the outage map

Outage summary  

Above the map, you can see the total number of outages and the total number of customers affected.


  • Each red pin represents one or more power outages.
  • The size of the red pin indicates the number of customers impacted (smaller pins represent fewer customers impacted than larger pins).
  • Click on any red pin to see summary information for power outages in the area.
  • The red pin icon surrounded by a red ring represents a cluster of power interruptions in close proximity based on the current zoom level of the map. To see individual pins and outage summary information, select any of the red cluster icons and zoom in.
  • Hover over the Legend title and click to Show/Hide.

NOTE:  Because outage locations are generalized to protect customer privacy, at the lowest zoom level, red pins may reflect one or more outages in the same location.

Zoom controls

You may zoom in and out on the map directly or use the +/- symbols available in the lower right corner of the map.

Frequency of updates

The outage map is typically updated every 15 minutes. Scheduled maintenance or unforeseen events may cause an occasional delay in map updates. The date and time of the latest map update will appear below the map.

Report an outage

Use the “Report Outage / Check Status” button to report your power outage or to gather your address specific power outage status, and request outage status updates.

List of outages

Use the “List of Outages” button to see a list by county or zip code of current power outages throughout the state. This includes the total count of power outages and customers impacted.

Some electric circuits cross state borders. If an outage affects customers in more than one state, the outage icon will display on the outage map for each state and the customer count displayed will be for all affected customers. The list of outages for a state will include only the affected customers within that state.  

Estimated time of restoration

We prepare year-round to prevent power interruptions. When outages do occur, our crews work 24/7 to restore power as fast – and safely – as possible. We initially set estimated restoration times to about three hours from the time of the first outage report. This figure is based on average restoration times in our area and for our system. Once our crews arrive on the scene, we refine the estimated restoration time based on the damage and estimated time to repair.

Restoration times will occasionally show as "Assessing" when we are currently unable to provide an estimated time of restoration. This typically happens in severe weather when our crews are not able to give accurate estimated restoration times because of the extent of the damages and number of repairs required.

You can always check our website, mobile app or call us toll free at 1-877-508-5088 for outage updates. Getting your power back on safely and quickly is our top priority. In big storms, we have additional crews ready from other locations to help restore power.

See more about how we restore power.