Washington Clean Buildings

On May 7, 2019, the Clean Buildings bill (Chapter 285, laws of 2019) was signed into law to lower costs and pollution from fossil fuel consumption in the state’s existing buildings, especially large commercial buildings. The law requires the Washington State Department of Commerce to develop and implement an energy performance standard for these buildings and provide incentives to encourage efficiency improvements. 

The information provided here will assist businesses in developing a plan to meet their required Energy Use Intensity (EUI).  Please visit the Washington State Department of Commerce for complete details and current information.

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Clean Buildings Accelerator

We offer specialized help to building owners to meet Clean Buildings requirements while supporting ongoing energy savings.

Resource Advisor

We will provide energy consumption data to building owners using Resource Advisor. You can link your ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account to Resource Advisor for automated upload. 

Pacific Power Incentives

We provide energy expertise and cash incentives to help you reduce your building Energy Use Intensity (EUI) and save money on bills.

State Energy Performance Standards

19.27A.200 – Definitions 

19.27A.210 – State energy performance standard 

19.27A.220 – Early adoption incentive program 

19.27A.230 – Limit on early adoption incentive payments 

19.27A.240 – Early adoption incentive payment administration