Medical certificate

If you or a member of your household has a serious health problem and you are having trouble paying your utility bills, you may get a medical certificate from your doctor or other medical professional who provides your health care. A medical certificate will prevent immediate disconnection of your service and allow you to set up a payment plan to pay any overdue bill.

Medical or Life-Support Equipment Certificate

Please mail or fax the completed certificate to Pacific Power at:
Attention: Medical Certificates
PO Box 400
Portland, Oregon 97207-0400

Fax Number:
Attention: Medical Certificates

California Medical Baseline Program 

If you or a family member is on life support or has a serious medical condition, we can help. If you or someone who lives with you full-time is required to use an electricity-dependent medical device, let us know. We can help. Qualifying customers receive approximately 500 additional kilowatt-hours per month, which are added to the lowest residential tiered rate to offset increases in cost and energy usage due to medical equipment. 

A Medical or Life Support Equipment Certificate (above) must be completed by a qualified medical professional certifying that a member of the household is using medical equipment on a regular basis necessary to sustain the life of the person or prevent deterioration of the person’s medical condition. 

The Medical Baseline certificate does not guarantee that power will not be interrupted from weather-related outages, other circumstances outside of Pacific Power’s control, or service disconnection for bill nonpayment. It does allow Pacific Power to assist you in managing your electricity bills beyond what is normally allowed.