California large businesses

With technical expertise and cash incentives, we can help you navigate a variety of options to upgrade your energy efficiency.

Energy improvements deliver a significant ROI quickly and affordably. Plus upgrading the efficiency of your operation is good for the environment and enhances your sustainability plan. 

Custom analysis

For custom projects, our team of energy experts can help you evaluate technology solutions and estimate your savings before you make a purchase.

Energy management

Get help to optimize your energy systems by performing no- or low-cost improvements that save time and money.  

Incentive lists

Get cash incentives for common upgrades to lighting, HVAC, compressed air and other equipment. 

More energy options


Pacific Power teams up with National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) to help businesses pay for energy upgrades.

Energy Project Manager co-funding

An Energy Project Manager is a co-funded staff resource at your facility to develop and manage energy projects.

Energy profiler

With this service, your electricity use is converted into easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Energy benchmarking

Request whole-building, historic electrical usage data that can be used with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.



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