Landlords and property managers

Whether you have a single home or apartment building, our tools make it easy to manage your properties and serve your tenants. We can help you save time, reduce costs and streamline processes between tenants. 

Property managers with a Landlord Interim Billing Agreement can use our new portal to easily manage your sites.

Landlord Interim Billing Agreement

Save time and make it easy to manage billing between tenants for your rental properties.

Landlord Link

More efficiently handle requests to start and stop service for your tenants when they move. Submit your tenant service request or fax the application to us.

Tenant Release Form

A tenant release is required for landlords and property managers to view tenant usage data.

Download Oregon form

Download Washington form

Download California form: smart meter | non-smart meter

Please leave a voicemail at 1-800-883-3541 and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

More services and energy choices

Save energy and money

Make your rental properties more energy efficient and find out about cash incentives for energy upgrades.

Electric vehicles

With more drivers choosing electric vehicles to get around, we can help you install charging for your tenants. 

Optimal Time Rewards

Property managers and residents can opt-in to earn ongoing incentives for optimizing use of their electric water heaters. 

California mobilehome park program

This is a voluntary program for mobilehome park owners with master-metered electricity to transfer to direct utility service.

California solar program

The Solar on Multifamily Affordable Housing program offers incentives to owners of eligible buildings for solar installations.