Food service

Restaurants use about 5 to 7 times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores.

Save energy at your restaurant with incentives for energy-efficient dishwashers, cooking appliances and refrigeration equipment.

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Food service incentives in Washington

  1. Obtain a food service incentive application package from us or a Wattsmart® Business Vendor.
    Cooking equipment incentive application
    Dishwasher incentive application
    Refrigeration and ice machines incentive application
    On-demand overwrapper incentive application
  2. Purchase and install a qualifying unit at an eligible location.
  3. Submit your incentive application with IRS Form W-9.
  4. Receive incentive check within 45 days of completion of step 3.

Incentives are available for refrigerated case lighting on the lighting page.

Food Service Incentives (PDF)





Commercial Dishwasher

(High temperature models with electric boosters only)

Under counter



ENERGY STAR® certified


Stationary rack, single tank, door type


Single tank conveyor


Multiple tank conveyor


Electric Insulated Holding Cabinet

Double size


ENERGY STAR certified


Full size


Half size


Electric Convection Oven

Half size and full size

ENERGY STAR certified


Electric Griddle

Single sided

ENERGY STAR certified


Electric Combination Oven

3-40 pans

ENERGY STAR certified


Anti-sweat Heater Controls (Retrofit only)

Low temp (freezing) cases

Technologies that reduce energy consumption of anti-sweat heaters based on sensing humidity

$25/linear foot

(case length)

Med-temp (refrigerated) cases

$20/linear foot

(case length)

On-Demand Overwrapper

Process loads

Overwrapper must use either a mechanical or optical control system



See Appliances and Lighting sections for additional incentives. 

Notes for food service equipment incentives:

  1. Equipment that meets or exceeds the efficiency requirements listed for the equipment category in the above table may qualify for the listed incentive. 

Apply now or check your application status.

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Custom incentives

Doing something that’s not on the list? Larger and more complex projects may qualify for a custom analysis. Note: Custom incentives require pre-approval.

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