California regulatory filings

Advice filings, applications and associated testimony and selected exhibits filed by the company and submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission for approval can be found in this section. Information in this section is organized by Docket Number and/or Advice Number.

  • Advice 597-E Request to Recover Costs Related to the Mobilehome Park Utility Upgrade Pilot Program
  • Advice 595-E PacifiCorp (U 901 E) Advice Letter 595-E Modifying Terms and Conditions in Schedule S-199 (Klamath Dam Removal Surcharge) Consistent with Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement
  • Advice 594-E Advice Letter 594-E Proposing Revisions to Schedule A-25
  • Advice 593-E Adjustment to Energy Savings Assistance Program Surcharge and California Alternate Rates for Energy Program Surcharge
  • Advice 592 E Request for Revisions to the Blue Sky Program Tariffs Schedule RO-1, (Renewable Energy Rider –Optional) and Schedule RO-3, (Renewable Energy Rider – Optional Bulk Purchase Option)
  • Docket A 19 10 004 Application of PacifiCorp (U 901 E) for Authority to Establish a Memorandum Account for Costs Associated with Pension Liabilities
  • Docket A 19 10 003 Application of PacifiCorp (U 901 E) for Approval of its Emergency Services Resiliency Programs
  • Advice 590-E Advice Letter Regarding Status of Implementation of the 2017 Transportation Electrification (TE) Priority Review Programs (Applications 17-06-031, 17-06-033, 17-06-034)
  • Advice 589-E Tier 1 Advice Letter with Customer Outreach Plan on Emergency Disaster Relief Program
  • Advice 588-E Annual Budget Advice Letter for 2020 Energy Efficiency Programs
  • Docket A 19 08 002 PacifiCorp’s Application for Approval of its 2020 Energy Cost Adjustment Clause and Greenhouse Gas-Related Forecast and Reconciliation of Costs and Revenue.
  • Advice 587 E Tier 1 Advice Letter to Modify PacifiCorp's Wildfire Mitigation Plan in Accordance with Commission Decision 19-05-040, Senate Bill 901, amd Public Utilities Code Section 8386(c)
  • Advice 586 E Information-Only - PacifiCorp's 2018 Interim Risk Spending Accountability Report
  • Advice 585 E Establish Wildfire Mitigation Plan Implementation Memorandum Account in Accordance with Commission Decision 19-05-040, Senate Bill 901, and Public Utilities Code Section 8386(e)
  • Docket A 19 04 013 PacifiCorp's Application for Approval of its Proposed Net Billing Tariff to Compensate Eligible Customers
  • Advice 582 E Annual Attestation of Compliance with Senate Bill 1368 Alternative Compliance Requirements, Commission Decision (D) 07-01-039
  • Advice 580 E Update to PacifiCorp's Affiliate Transaction Rules Compliance Plan
  • Docket A 17 06 031 Application for Approval of PacifiCorp's 2017 Transportation Electrification Programs