Blue Sky Community Project Funds

An opportunity to promote additional renewable energy development

For more than ten years, Pacific Power’s Blue Sky customers have made a difference by supporting renewable energy in the Western region. Since 2006, Blue Sky customers have also helped fund nearly 80 new community-based renewable energy projects in Pacific Power communities in Oregon, Washington and California. Many of these projects are now complete, generating electricity and providing educational opportunities.

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Funding Process

Blue Sky community project funding is available to help cover the capital costs of installing qualifying, new renewable energy systems for non-residential sites within the Pacific Power service area.

Projects are identified and selected annually through a competitive evaluation process. Applications are accepted only during a defined application period, typically in the spring each year.  

Dollars available for awards are limited and awards can range from a few thousand dollars to more significant investments and may differ from the amount requested by the applicant.

Before applying, please thoroughly review the eligibility guidelines, evaluation criteria and on-going reporting requirements to determine if your project fits our program goals and criteria. If you believe your project is a good candidate for funding, please submit an application, along with all required supplemental documentation.

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